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Some religious leaders blame LGBTI for the pandemic — The impact of faith on LGBTI people during the Covid-19 pandemic

This article covers a side event organised by GIN-SSOGIE at the UN Human Rights Council on “Using inclusive narratives around faith and tradition to support human rights advocacy on the continent”. 

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Family diversity in Geneva – A side event on families and religion at the UN Human Rights Council


How can different types of families be better protected during and after the Covid-19 pandemic? Who decides what a family is, and (how) is religion being instrumentalised for this purpose? What obligations do UN member states have regarding family diversity? These are just some of the questions that civil society organizations discussed at a side event for the UN Human Rights Council.

Our goals are to make family diversity more visible and to highlight the experience and reality of rainbow families in different regional, cultural and religious contexts,” says Maria von Känel, co-founder and board member of International Family Equality Day (IFED), a global network for family diversity.

Throughout human history there have always been different models of family and community life,” adds Simon Petitjean from the Global Interfaith Network. “The UN system and its states have a responsibility to respect the human rights of all family members without distinction of any kind, and this is of particular importance in times of crisis when inequalities are heightened and reinforced.”

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Diverse Familien in Genf – ein Side Event zu Familie und Religion beim UN-Menschenrechtsrat


Wie können diverse Familien während und nach der Covid-19 Pandemie besser geschützt werden? Wer bestimmt was eine Familie ist und (wie) wird Religion dafür instrumentalisiert?  Welche Verpflichtungen haben UN-Mitgliedsstaaten diversen Familien gegenüber? Dies sind nur einige Fragen, die zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen bei einem Side-Event des UN-Menschenrechtsrats diskutierten.

Unser Ziel ist es, die Vielfalt von Familien sichtbarer zu machen und Erfahrungen und Realitäten von Regenbogenfamilien in unterschiedlichen regionalen, kulturellen und religiösen Kontexten darzustellen“, betont Maria von Känel, Gründerin und Vorstandsangehörige des globalen Netzwerks für Familiendiversität IFED, International Family Equality Day.