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LGBTI inclusion in Sweden´s and Canada´s development cooperation

The Hirschfeld-Eddy-Foundation cordially invites you to a Web-talk on LGBTI inclusion in Sweden´s and Canada´s development cooperation“ with Doug Kerr, Dignity Network Canada, Birgitta Weibahr, Sida and Marie Månson, RFSL
Wednesday, 12 May, 4–5 PM CEST


Please register here before noon, May 12:  https://eveeno.com/hes_sweden-canada

On the day of the event, all registered participants will receive the Zoom-Link a few hours in advance.

On March 3, 2021 the German cabinet approved the government’s “LGBTI inclusion plan for foreign policy and development cooperation”. This concept was drafted in response to long-standing calls from civil society, most notably LSVD, HEF and the Yogyakarta Alliance. In order to contribute to a swift and meaningful implementation of the plan, we would like to show what kind of plans other countries have and how these are implemented.

Why is it necessary to not discriminate against LGBTI people in development cooperation? Why is LGBTI inclusion in development cooperation so urgently needed?

With this event, we would like to share some knowledge about Sweden’ s and Canada’ s exceptionally strong international role in LGBTI inclusion in development cooperation.

We are going to answer the following questions: What does Swedish and Canadian LGBTI-inclusion in development cooperation look like? What kinds of plans are in place? How have these plans evolved? How are they being implemented? What role does civil society play? What is the role of LGBTI communities and non-governmental organizations in development activities?


Doug Kerr, executive director Dignity Network Canada, a Network of Canadian organizations interested in human rights for LGBTI people globally.

Birgitta Weibahr, Lead Policy Specialist Democracy and Human Rights, Department for International Organisations and Policy Support, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Expert guest: Marie Månson, International Director, The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Rights (RFSL)

ModeratorAxel Hochrein, executive board member of the Hirschfeld-Eddy-Foundation

The event will be held in English without interpretation. A Q&A will take place after the panel.

The event is aimed at development cooperation professionals, LGBTI activists, journalists, students, government representatives and anybody with an interest in the human rights of LGBTI people.

Background information:

The initial request for such a plan by German civil society was inspired by Sweden: Sida’s Action Plan on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Swedish Development Cooperation, 2007–2009 was drafted in close cooperation with Swedish civil society, namely RFSL. The plan provides for the systematic inclusion of LGBTI people on all levels of development cooperation. There was an evaluation of the program in dialogue with civil society and intensive collaboration with donors and implementing organizations.

Canada is one of the countries that clearly stands up for the human rights of LGBTI people internationally. After years of successful advocacy work by the Canadian civil society, most notably the Dignity Network, the Canadian government has recently approved 30 million Canadian dollars for LGBTI human rights work.


An event by Hirschfeld-Eddy-Foundation as part of the project:  LGBTIQ Human Rights Defenders. Find more about the project in our Blog, tag MRV-2021

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